Wigan DJs

18th & 21st Parties

18th and 21st Birthday parties are what we are best at. We’re the best company in the north west at providing specialist DJs that can play House, RnB, Indie and Chart music – and if you want it, they can play some more traditional party music for you family!

We have Wigan DJs you can look at that play the same music you listen to in the clubs at the weekend, and you can check out their Soundcloud and look at their gig photos so you can see they are exactly what you are looking for!

If you fill in the contact form we can send you information about a DJ, about booking and our attendance guarantee, along with our music survey – send us requests ahead of the night so we can build a playlist exactly perfect for you!

You can also e-mail us at info@upsidedowndjs.co.uk